What should I take post workout, PostWod or Driven Whey?

What should I take post workout,
PostWod or Driven Whey?

What’s best for recovery post workout? When do I take my Driven Whey?Can PostWod be taken after any type of workout?

These are a few of the post workout questions we have answered about Driven Whey™ and PostWod™. If you have some of the same questions we thought we could break it down for you with a quick “how to” for each product.

Both our Driven Whey™ and PostWod™ are excellent for recovery. While PostWod™ was formulated to be taken specifically after you train, the Driven Whey™ can be enjoyed anytime you want to get some extra protein into your diet.

Key Points:

-PostWod™ is a 1:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio

-PostWod™ is fortified with Creatine, Vitamins, BCAA’s and Joint Repairing Agents

-Driven Whey™ has 24g of Protein per Scoop

-Driven Whey is low carb

-Both products are low fat

PostWod™ was designed by Driven Nutrition® to be the ultimate in post workout nutrition for high intensity athletes.

Fast digesting, highly bioavailable whey protein was used to quickly start repairing muscle tissue that was broken down during your workout. Equally important after training is replenishing your glycogen stores with a fast acting carbohydrate. These carbs not only provide fuel for your next training session they also act as a shuttle, delivering nutrients like amino acids vitamins and minerals to your muscle cells so they can quickly start the reparative metabolic processes. Formulated to be taken after the intensive types of strength and conditioning workouts, PostWod can be used after any workout that you need added recovery from.

This post workout window of opportunity is the perfect time to give your body the building blocks to repair tissue that was taxed during training. Creatine was added for muscle cell hydration and strength along with connective tissue supplements like Glucosamine, MSM and Cissus.

To make sure you perform at your best each day you need to replace the vitamins and minerals lost during your workouts. PostWod™ contains over 100% daily value of 8 vitamins and minerals along with others to keep your body in balance and at peak performance.

Driven Whey™ is an ideal source of whey protein you can enjoy anytime you need a healthy snack or want to boost the protein content of a meal.

Proteins are broken down by our bodies into amino acids, the building blocks for muscle. As an athlete having an adequate source of protein in your diet is vital to proper recovery and muscle building.

Driven Whey can be used after a workout if you are on a carb restricted diet or can be stacked with a carbohydrate like GlycoDrive™ for maximum recovery. Other Driven Nutrition™ products like Creatine, Glutamine and SuppleFlex™ can be taken in conjunction with Driven Whey™ to replicate the formula found in PostWod™.

If you are a do it yourselfer or want to create your one post workout concoction then stacking your Driven Nutrition™ products using Driven Whey™ as your protein source might sound appealing. Having the protein in a container by itself allows you to enjoy a carb free snack on a non-workout day or anytime you want to only boost your protein intake.

If you like your homework done for you and packed in a neatly labeled and easily digested format then PostWod™ will be ideal for you.

Our recommendation? Enjoy them both. Keep a PostWod™ on hand in your gym bag for immediate post workout fuel and have your favorite flavor (or two) of Driven Whey™ in your kitchen to turn your breakfast into an muscle recovery feast!

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