The Open is Upon Us

It’s Open Week. Let the fun begin!!!

Now that the Open is here Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will continue being a normal training day. On Thursday, we will be doing more of an active recovery day. We will focus on mobility, skill work, and conditioning so that we will be ready to go on Fridays during Friday Night Lights. We will still have normal classes at 5:30am and noon on Friday but the workout will be the Open workout so people can make it up if they can’t make it during Friday Night Lights. I will also program some additional work on Fridays for those not doing the Open so it will take the full hour of class. There will be no afternoon classes on Fridays as we will be running the Friday Night Light heats. Once they announce the Open workout on Thursday night I will start getting a heat sign up ready to post at the gym on Friday morning. You can come in during normal hours to sign up for the heat you want to complete the workout in. We will open the doors around 4:15pm and the first heat will begin around 4:45pm and go until everyone has finished. If you can stick around and cheer everyone on that would be great. This is a great time to invite friends and family to the gym to meet everyone and see what you do everyday.

Tips for competing in the Open:

1) Warmup- I know you are just doing one workout but going into it cold is the worst thing you can do. I will post a complete warmup of mobility and a primer to do before your heat begins.

2) Properly fuel your body- Hopefully you are doing this everyday but be sure to be fueling your body correctly that day. Especially if late nights aren’t your normal workout time make sure you change your eating schedule to be prepared to workout at that time of day.

3) Have a game plan- Look at the workout beforehand and have a game plan on how you want to attack it. More than likely you will have to go to plan B…C….maybe D and E but still have a plan going into it.

4) Have fun- I know everyone wants to use the Open as a measuring stick to see how much better you are getting from year to year but don’t get too carried away with it. Remember its supposed to be a fun community event where you can complete the same challenging workout as every CrossFitter in the world. Enjoy the experience!!!

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