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The Open is coming! The Open is coming! Its the best time of year for CrossFitters. Now that we know we are only about 3 months away that means our programming will start to shift towards more conditioning and a little less strength work. We will still be wrapping up our current back squat and strict press strength work cycles. However, the rest of our strength work will be done on the clock with built in short rest periods. Our conditioning will have more interval work and we will start doing multiple WOD’s in the same day. Get ready to start retesting a lot of the past Open WOD’s as well. Time to crank up the conditioning!!!!
We will be running The Open just as we did last year by doing Friday Night Lights for all 5 weeks. I’m currently finding captains for our 3 teams. Be ready to start hearing more and more about The Open if you are unaware of what that is. Last year was a huge success and was the most fun I’ve ever had at the gym throughout the years. Hopefully, we can make it bigger and better than last year.

It’s already starting to get colder so please remember to dress warm and get in the habit of looking at the workouts before you come to the gym so you know how to dress. Just because its cold doesn’t mean we wont be outside or won’t run. We won’t be out as much as the summer time but we will still be out unless there is snow/ice on the ground. You better start adding warmer exercise attire to your Christmas list.

The Christmas Party will be December 17th around 6-7pm start time…not quite sure yet but we will announce it soon. We will provide the meat and some non alcoholic drinks. Plan on bringing a side dish to share and BYOB your favorite adult drinks. I will be getting a sign up sheet posted soon so we know how much food to order. We will also do an optional white elephant gift exchange. Please try to keep price $25 and below for the gift exchange. If you don’t wish to participate in the gift exchange just bring your happy self.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up in January. We will be running another Nutrition Challenge late January competing against other affiliates that use the Healthy Steps Nutrition Programs. It is going to be called Battle of the Boxes and our gym will be a team to see how well our results stack up against all the other affiliates. I’m really excited about this. I think it will get us on the right track to start off the New Year and lead us into The Open. We will be having another New You Challenge class starting late January. The Kids CrossFit Winter Session will be coming back in February. Please pass along this info to any friends/family that may be interested in any of these programs.

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