Programming 12/9/19-12/15/19

Monday- Pressing


2 sets of 15 Front Plate Raises

2 sets of 15 Lateral Plate Raises

2 sets of 10 Banded Y’s-T’s-V’s

A)Strength: Strict Press

*Build to a heavy 4 then, 3×[email protected]% today’s 4

B)Accessory:5 Supersets

10 Upright Dumbell Raises + 10 Dumbell Z-Presses

C)WOD: 4 Rds You Go I Go each partner

SPRINT each full round of:

10/8 Cal Bike

10 Pull ups

10/8 Cal Bike

Tuesday-Gymnastics Day

A)Gymnastics Skills/Drills

1-Ring or Bar


*Descriptions in class

B)Gymnastics Strength

1-Dragonflys or Knee Tucks

2-Pike Ups on Rower

3-Floor Wipers 

*Descriptions in class

C)Gymnastics WOD: For Time

20 Doubles

HS Walk

40 Doubles 

HS Walk

60 Doubles

HS walk

80 Doubles

HS Walk

100 Doubles 

HS Walk

*Rest 5 mins

10-8-6-4-2-1 Ring Dips 

25-20-15-10-5 Sit ups

*25 min total cap

Wednesday-Olympic weightlifting Day  

Warmup- Barbell Drills

A)3 Position Power Snatch + OHS on last rep

B)3 Position Power Clean + Jerk on last rep

C)Back Squat 5×[email protected]%1RM


A)5 Rounds For Time

20 KB Swings

20 KB S2O

40 Jump Rope

*15 min cap

B)Box Squats: Build to a heavy 10RM


1-Alt Hammer Curls 3×15/each arm

2-Front + Lat Raises 3×15 each direction 


A)Rowing Conditioning

4 sets each partner

500m slowest pace

400m quicker

300m quicker

200m quicker

100m fastest

*Alternate rds with a partner 

Total Rowing 1500m each set=6000m total


A)Biking Conditioning

4 sets each partner

.6 mile slowest pace

.5 mile quicker

.4 mile quicker

.3 mile quicker

.2 mile fastest

*Alternate rds with a partner

Total Biking 2 miles each set=8 miles total



5 Inchworms/Seal Stretch ……

5 Good Morning + 5 RDL’s (Barbell)

5 Liftoffs to knee with a light weight

A)Strength: Deadlift

2 Liftoff + Full Deadlift  

*Compare to 12/6/19 (3 rep)

B)Accessory: Posterior Chain

1-Reverse Hyper 3×20

2-Good Mornings 3×20

3-Alt DB Rows 3×20/each side


Run 200m

15 Deadlifts 225/155

10 T2B

5 Bar Over Burpees


Group CrossFit 9AM 


Open Gym 10AM-Noon

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