Programming 10/28/19-11/3/19


Warmup-Barbell Drills

A)Build to a heavy Snatch in 15 mins

B)Build to a heavy Clean and Jerk in 15 mins

C)Conditioning: AMRAP 15

Run 200m 

1 Muscle Up or C2B Pullup + 1 OHS (135/95)

Climb the ladder 2-3-4-5-6….


A/B) Do Hang and Power variations as needed

C)Conditioning: AMRAP 12

Run 200m *Sub Rowing and Biking as needed

2 Pullups + 2 Front Squats @60% 

Climb the ladder 2-4-6-8-10…


Warmup-3 Rounds NFT

3 Strict + 3 Push *start w/ bar increase Rd to Rd 

5 Air Squats + 25ft BW walking lunges

5 Box Overs *start BW increase Rd to Rd 

A)Strength: Push Press

10 mins to build to a heavy single

Then, 3×[email protected]%


15/12 Cal Bike or 20/15 Cal Row

5 Devil’s Press (50/35)

10 DB Squats (50/35)

15 DB S2O (50/35)

10 DB Box Overs (24/20) *Both DBs

DB FR Lunges Back to start line

Health- SAME


Warmup-Group Dynamic Warmup

A)Rowing Conditioning: 4 rds each partner 

300m moderate pace

200m fast pace 


*Alt rds w/partner

B)Accessory: Posterior Chain 

1-Single Leg KB RDLs 3×10-15 reps

2-Good Mornings 3×20 reps

C)Accessory: Gymnastics

1-Strict T2B Leg Raises 3×5-10 reps

2-Pike Ups on Rower 3×5-10 reps


Thursday– Limited Schedule 

Workout TBA- “Halloween Special”



Week 4 Theme-“Trick or Treat”

Social Media Challenge-Post a picture of your score sheet with our CrossFit 217 banner. #CF217TrickOrTreat and tag @crossfit217

*1 pt + .5 pt if you are in costume 

*Top 3-5 costumes get 1 bonus point 


Group CrossFit 9AM


Open Gym 1:30-3:30pm

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