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Hi, I’m Marshall. I found CrossFit way back in the day when I played college baseball in South Carolina. Our strength program was CrossFit based. When I moved back to Illinois, I continued to work in CrossFit workouts via “mainsite”. Then one day while working out in the EIU Rec, I ran into a couple friends who CrossFit as well, and they had one realllllly good thinking friend, Lindsey! Fast forward 8 years, I still continue to love and have a passion for CrossFit/fitness.
I used to compete regularly, either individually or with a partner. Competed in many different competitions all over the United States. I have taken a step back from the intense competitive side, and now I mainly follow MisFit athletics. I try to incorporate things I learn while working out about myself (technique, mental attitude, etc) and bring it into my coaching. I thoroughly enjoy coaching CrossFit at CrossFit 217. Our group of members are such a fun group to be around, even at 5:15 in the mornings!

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