Shoulder Prehab
A) EMOM Clean and Jerk Wave
Min 1- [email protected]%1RM
Min 2- [email protected]%1RM
Min 3- [email protected]%1RM
Min 4- [email protected]%1RM
Min 5- [email protected]%1RM
Min 6- [email protected]%1RM
Min 7- [email protected]%1RM
Min 8- [email protected]%1RM
B) Clean Pulls:
2×3 @90%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]+%
C) Bent Over Rows (Pronated) 10RM
D) Festivus WOD #3:
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (115/75)
Hang Power Cleans (115/75)
S2O (115/75)
then, with remaining time Bar over Burpees
*score total burpees


New You

Pulling Prep
A) Deadlifts: Intruction with PVC and Barbell
5×10 (light)
B) EMOM 10
Odd-10 Wall Balls
Even-10 KB Swings
*rest 2 mins
C) EMOM 10
Odd-10 Push ups
Even-10 Slam Balls

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