Friday-Squat Day

Warmup-5 min row, bike, run or combo

Then, Banded Side Steps and Skater Walks

1 min pigeon pose or couch stretch each side

A)Front Squat:3×5@90% 5RM

B)WOD: For Quality

10 C2B or MU or Strict Pull Ups or Ring Row

10 Pronated Bent Rows *Challenging but UB #

10 Supinated Bent Rows

Run 200m

9/9 Run

8/8 Run

7/7 Run

6/6 Run

5/5 Run

4/4 Run

3/3 Run

2/2 Run

1/1 Run

*25 min cap

*If you have Muscle Ups but this is too much volume pick a number and stick with it every round to get practice

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