Warmup-Run 400m then,

Complete Banded Side Steps & Skater Walks

20 each side Single leg glute bridge

20 Box Steps unweighted


1-Barbell Front Rack Step Ups 5×10/each leg

*Not higher than knee height

*Do all 10 on one side then the other leg

*You can rest :30 between legs if needed

2-Barbell Hip Thrusters 5×10

*Alternates exercises

B) Partner WOD: 10 Rounds each

Partner A: Completes 1 Round of Dumbell DT

12 Deads + 9 Hang Cleans + 6 S2O

Partner B: Completes 200m run

*Alternate rounds and you can’t start the next round until both partners are ready

*Choose a challenging weight that you can do most rounds unbroken

*25 min cap

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