Mobility-Hip Opener Series/Pigeon Pose/Couch Stretch/Banded Ankle

LAX Ball Series
25-50 Double Unders
50ft walking Lunges
Hip Circle/X-Band Walks-15 steps each way

Accumulate 1 min in bottom of Goblet Squat or Tempo Box Squats

A) Intervals: Front Squats

:30 work 2:30 rest

2 rounds @50%

2 rounds @60%

2 rounds @70%

*score total reps

B) EMOM 21

Min 1-Ring or Bar Muscle ups

Min 2-HSPU

Min 3-Double Unders
*Pick a challenging rep scheme to get practice at these skills and still have recovery time between exercises

0-10 Mobility/Warmup
10-32 Intervals
37-End EMOM
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